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ikp is a multi-award- winning Top 5 communications agency with more than 25 years of successful experience. Our team of consultants devises strategies, develops content and shapes stakeholder relations – with creativity, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial thinking we help our clients achieve their business objectives.

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How to prevent HIV or diminish allergy risks? How to reduce waste? How to persuade Austrians to drink more tap water? How to reintegrate employees after extended sick leave? Successful communication campaigns addressed to the broad public need a big idea, a sound strategy, the right mix of tools and customized content for each channel.


The needs of the younger employee generation have changed significantly. Money is no longer all that matters. Knowing why you are working and to what end, feeling appreciated, being part of a team with longer-term prospects: These are the factors that make companies attractive today. Internal communications and recruiting strategies have to work together to retain existing staff and attract high potentials.


Whether it’s a customer magazine, a company brochure, a business, sustainability or environmental report, a Youtube video channel or a company website – with customized content across all owned media channels companies strengthen the loyalty of core customers, attract new ones, demonstrate competence, support sales, provide information about complex subjects and build a whole unique experience around their products and services.


Content is the key to success on paid, earned, shared and owned media. Content needs to serve a strategic purpose and meet people’s needs for information, for understanding, for entertainment or for meaning (see “Content Radar” by Mirko Lange). We help you develop your story and set up customized processes for your content management – or serve as your content development and implementation hub.


Earned media is the supreme discipline nowadays with the shrinking classical media landscape and the rise of citizen journalists on shared media. How to get earned coverage? Media work is about relationships – as well as an exciting story and good service. For more than 25 years, we have built up a great deal of confidence and credibility in all online and offline editorial departments relevant for our clients. We also closely collaborate with bloggers from diverse industries and product sectors.


Long-term commercial success is largely determined by the good reputation of your company, your brand, your products and also the faces behind the brand. The Global Risk Management Survey 2015 by AON has shown that reputation damage is the greatest business risk to brands and companies. Effective crisis prevention and, in case of hardship, strategic crisis communications ensure your reputation suffers as little damage as possible.


Companies are subject to underlying conditions that are determined by politics, administration, interest groups, and citizens themselves. Defining supporters and adversaries, establishing contact with relevant stakeholders at an early stage and building lasting relationships is key to your organization’s business objectives.


Are your messages straight to the point and do you place your statements with precision? Through practical exercises with experienced trainers and acclaimed journalists you gain confidence at handling critical questions and learn to stay on track – aligned with your communications strategy.



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