The path to PR success with ikp

Based in Vienna, Salzburg, Vorarlberg and Graz, our PR professionals put their heart and soul into creating out-of-the-ordinary communications concepts. Successful PR calls for individuals with a thirst for knowledge who are prepared to immerse themselves in a particular field before boiling it down to truly compelling content. Out-of-the-box thinking and professionalism are the keys to ikp’s PR success. Over 40 different awards, including the Austrian State Prize for PR, are testament to this.


A clear line for effective PR

Our long-standing expertise enables us to establish the options opened up by clear and effective PR. We provide honest, straightforward advice, without making promises that cannot be kept. Which is why we plan everything we do down to the very last detail before setting realistic communication goals. In line with the ikp approach, we use the right tools for the media and follow a clear line throughout – for bespoke PR concepts.

The ikp approach

PR know-how and network for our customers

Everything we do is built on a wealth of PR experience. Irrespective of the size and scope of the project, budget or campaign, we work with all kinds of clients, from start-ups to international groups. Our knowledge of products and markets, as well as our intuitive understanding of the most effective communication strategy and ability to consistently select the right tools for the job stem from our extensive experience in the PR industry. As a preferred partner of Porter Novelli, we can bring our customers all of the advantages associated with being part of a global agency network.

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Digital PR

Whether it’s online strategy, content development or selecting the right social media channels – ikp’s multi-location task force for digital communication ensures that your messages hit home in the digital world. Our digital natives effortlessly manage the balancing act between analogue, digital and networked PR and are already familiar with the channels that have the potential to lead the way in future.

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